Uncle Dick’s Sparkling Shiraz

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Uncle Dick’s Sparkling Shiraz – The Red Brute
by @ok2baprincess

Color me surprised.

Like many a wine novice, I am used to seeing the word “sparkling” in conjunction with a white grape, but to enjoy this week’s cake and a movie we tasted a sparkling shiraz at the recommendation of both Paul and Eapen (@eapenthampy) at Top Ten Wines (@TopTenWines).

For me, once poured, it was love at first sight, and I only hoped the relationship wouldn’t end at first taste.  Luckily, I was not disappointed.  Justin (@justex07) poured the first two flutes (yes, sparkling reds are served in a champagne flute glass, just like any other sparkling wine), and immediately I was struck by the beauty of the color, something in between the hues of crimson and claret.

The nose was berrylicious and made me even more anxious to sample this sparkling red. Lifting the flute to take that first sip, I was charmed by the tiny bubbles and soft foamy top happening in the glass and across my tongue.

And the taste? Well, as Laura (@BigRed77) was quick to notice, there was almost something reminiscent of mango at first. As I enjoyed a little more of the bottle I started to taste blueberry and a hint of something that reminded me of an ancho chile chocolate bar I once had, just enough pepper to surprise your palate.  It’s also neither too sweet, or too dry. I am personally quite smitten with this wine and plan to make sparkling reds my wines of choice once summer hits.  Eric (@EricCox) and Laura also suggested them in lieu of mimosas at brunch.

What a surprisingly delightful pick those boys made!  First, in a completely giggly, adolescent way I have to say the wine’s appellation seemed perfect for our film, Choke; I mean really…“Uncle Dick’s” with a movie where the main character is a sex addict…tee hee…I digress.  Really, it was a great pairing with the Coconut Mango Cake and its complimenting homemade ice cream as well.

A remarkable value at just about $20, I recommend Uncle Dick’s Sparkling Shiraz – The Red Brute, but if you are just too turned off by reds (or maybe Uncle Dick’s face on the label) the boys at Top Ten Wines also suggested Moscato or a Traminette for cakes of this sort.

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  1. 3-6-2009

    Geyser Peak makes one of the only sparking Shiraz’s in the US. You should try it.


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